Aaron Bautista For NV State Assembly District 28

EArly Voting is May 28 - June 10

ELection day is june 14th!



As a special education teacher, I have many ideas on how we can improve education on our state.


According to a recent analysis conducted by Scholaroo, using a data set containing 19 different metrics, Nevada came in at number 49 as the least educated state in America. Our state also placed at 49 in educational attainment, 42 in school quality, 46 in best school systems in America.

This is inexcusable and I have a plan to help our students and our state climb this list.


Special Education


  • Our state is short on educators, more specifically, we are even shorter on special education teachers. There are currently a few programs to attract more people into special education, such as the program at UNLV that helps paraprofessionals become special eduction teacers, or the J-1 program that bringsin teacher from the Phillipines to teach special education. I believe we can create even more programs to help full fill the special education vacancies that plague our school system.
  • We need also need to look at more equitable funding. One quarter of special education funding is from the federal government and the rest is supposed to come from the state, however when it comes to funding education, Nevada finishes last. We need to make sure law makers are doing their part to protect our childrens future. When it comes to funding there are factors that need to be looked at when spreading the little funds the state does provide. In special education, the students are going to be at a greater need than of those in general education. Therefore we simply cant give a set amount to every school without looking at the all factors and needs. For example, a school in one part of a city might be newer, with better facilities, and have students who have an ecomonic advantage over a much older school, on the other side of town, in a lower income area. Therefore, that older school is going to need more funding, and I'd like to ensure that happens. This would allow schools to have more paraprofessionals, have better materials, and ensure more universal design to allow students with disabilities an equal oppertunity to succed.
  • I've also had the chance to look at special education paperwork and IEP's from other states and districts, I've seen a much more streamlined way of doing things than the way we are doing them now. A much smoother streamlined way for special education teachers to get their job done could go a long way in preventing burnout and attracting more to the profession.
  • Have schools offer  a program for RBT training for teachers or pareprofessionals with an incentive in order to better serve students with behavioral needs.
  • Create an Alternative Route to Licensure for school pyschologist, as there is an even bigger shortage of school pyschs to support the special education population.


General Education


  • In general, education needs more funding. That's no secret. We need to make sure we're funding schools, looking to see where all funds are coming from and what the money is being spent on clearly. This means more transparency on how money is being spent and if it is being used wisely.
  • Increase teacher pay, look at ways to reduce teacher burnout, and offer incentives to increase retention. 
  • If you'd like your student to go to Pre K, then they can go to Pre K, it should be universal.
  • All day Kindergarten.
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • Transparency with the marijuana tax money that was to go towards education.
  • Last legislative session, there was a proposed bill to tax mining to increase funds to education, let's see if we can get that going.
  • Hire more guidance counselors, as school is a place where students should feel safe & nurtured.
  • I'd like to take a closer look at the Nevada Educator Performance Framework (NEPF) and look at how affects students & teachers and look at its effectiveness and see if it's really the best model.
  • We also need to take a look at achivement numbers, I want students to grow and I'm sure all parents do as well. This means we need to ask, are we doing everything we can to help our students succeed, and are schools holding themselves accountable? With that we also have to look at student trasnciency, and determine if chronic absenteeism is a factor. 
  • With lower achieving schools, we need to look and see is it all schools in an area or a certain one? If it's only certain schools perhaps they can be partered with area schools that are doing better and have a higher star rating to help bring these schools up. 
  • Having a flex time built into a school days schedule can help as well. For instance, if a student is doing great in math and writing, perhaps during that extra time they can have additional reading support to try catching up. 
  • As time advances, so does technology and we need to make sure proper technology and tools are availale for students to use not only in the classroom but at home as well.
  • We need to improve the teacher-parent relationship to help ensure learning also takes place at home
  • Ensure every student is getting fed at all schools, not just CCSD. Since students have to go to school, then we cant make them pay for food. Some students only get to eat at school. Let's make sure they're getting food to bring home for the weekend as well.
  • Increase more youth programs and clubs to keep leanring going even after the school day has ended, and to promote learning.
  • We also need a high school class that teaches resume building, how to interview for a job, what a credit score is, how to buy a house, how to budget, what trade schools and college options they have, how to look for scholarships, student loans, etc.
  • We need to prepare students for the real world.
  • I also believe that we can get businesses involved more with area schools, this will help schools understand students & families needs, help increase the sense of community & ownership becasue Together Everyone Acheives More.


Higher Education


  • I believe we should have free college, if not 4 years, at least a free 2 year college education.
  • If we cant do that, we can at least increase programs where you can have free college by being a teacher, a doctor, or another occupation in a high area of need.
  • Create more trade programs, or raise awareness that there are other options than college.
  • We need more more research facilties and top tier learning establishments, like the UNLV School of Medicine, or Touro.
  • I also believe we should forgive student loans for people who went to school for jobs in high need. For instance, Colorado has a program where teachers can get $5,000 a year, up to five years for teachers in a high poverty school, or in a high need area.