Aaron Bautista For NV State Assembly District 28

EArly Voting is May 28 - June 10

ELection day is june 14th!


My Story

My family's story is similar to many of those who live in our great state, but especially of those in District 28. My dad, an immigrant came to the city of Las Vegas for a better life when he was 16, after working in the grape fields of Delano, CA where he met and marched alongside Cesar Chavez leading to the United Farm Workers union. After graduating from Rancho High School in 72, my dad got a job at the Dunes Hotel and Casino where he joined the Culinary Union for nearly 25 years. My mother also an immigrant, came to Vegas by way of Canada in ‘75 where she got a job at the Las Vegas Hilton as a housekeeper, where she joined the Culinary Union and remained a member until she retired in 2009. As a child, I remember my parents struggling. I remember them working hard, and coming home so tired everyday, but content just to be spending time with me and my sister, and creating a life they wanted. I remember them taking me to many rally's on the strip and marching with the Culinary Union fighting for a better way. When my mom got sick with brain cancer in 2011 and passed away, everything that she fought for with the union came into play, because without the union we would have had insurmountable medical debt, and struggled harder than ever. However, that better life my parents wanted, they got it, because this city and state provided so much. This is what inspired me to fight for and work for Nevada’s family’s, laborers, and immigrants. I am a member of NVDems.



I've lived in District 28 my entire life. This district is home. I went to Ira J Earl Elementary School, Del H. Robison, and then Eldorado High school. I am a prodcut of this district. For college, I went to CSN where I got an Associates Degree in Secondary Education, I then got my Bachelors Degree in Public Administration from Nevada State College. As a teacher, learning never ends, and I ended up getting a Masters Degree in Special Education from Grand Canyon University.



Currently, I work as a lead special education teacher, where I teach and serve students from District 28. I've been a teacher for nearly 7 years. Education is something I take very seriously, and I believe that children are the future. I believe in an equitable playing field for all students and will work hard to ensure the success of today's youth. Prior to teaching, I've also spent time working for nonprofit HELP of Southern Nevada where I was on the outreach team going into tunnels, deserts, washes, and other places where I reendered aid, supplies, and conducted housing assessments to house homeless individuals because everyone deserves to live with dignity.