Aaron Bautista For NV State Assembly District 28

EArly Voting is May 28 - June 10

ELection day is june 14th!


The Environment


Nevada is our home and we need to take care of it. Pollution and climate change are big issues that can affect our way of life.The public lands need to be protected for all to enjoy, and we must acknowledge that we are on native lands and respect their heritage.


  • We will build on our green energy initiatives and grow the solar and renewable energy industry to create a better tomorrow.
  • We will rely less on fossil fuels.
  • We will support policies that reduce geenhouse gas and carbons.
  • I suport the network of electric car chargers going up around the state of Nevada
  • We will hold mining companies accountable, as they mine on our lands, they need to pay their fair share of taxes.
  • We will protect native lands from mining and drilling.
  • I support making Avi Kwa Ame into a National Monument and would pressure leaders into doing so.
  • We will make sure we are conserving water, as water is life.