Aaron Bautista For NV State Assembly District 28

EArly Voting is May 28 - June 10

ELection day is june 14th!


The Marginalized


As a son of immigrants living in District 28 my entire life, I have seen the struggles of many diverse people, and will do everything I can to help a family or individual persevere, and be successful in life.


  • I will fight for immigrant rights and ensure they are getting a fair and equittable chance to live a good life.
  • Ensure that immigrant families are recieving assistance needed to help them thrive.
  • Offer assistance to Dreamers when it comes to filling out paperwork, and helping them find oppertunities to create a better life.
  • Assist with organizations that help support immigrants to make sure they have the resouces needed.
  • Expand on the tuition waiver for Native Americans
  • Provide a school for Native American students on tribal land
  • Provide funding for studies on missing Native American women.
  • Protect womans rights and the Nevada Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Ensure woman are getting paid equally by stopping gender pay gaps.
  • Ensure woman have paid time off for maternity leave & stengthen FMLA.
  • Create legislation to provide womans feminine products in restooms at certain public places.
  • I believe Black Lives Matter and know the fight for systemic equality persists. Black culture is responsible for so much of our way of life, and I believe we need to be more educated, informed, and aware of the challenges a black man or woman face on a daily basis.
  • Fight proposals to stop teaching black history in schools
  • As an AAPI myself, I will fight to stop Asian Hate and increase hate crime laws against the AAPI community.
  • I would like to better define what hate crimes are to the state, and take a closer look at what is considered a hate crime.
  • Ensure homeless individuals are protected under hate crime laws
  • I will bring legislation that protects all marginalized people from hate crimes & discrimination.
  • I will fight to have mental health and surgical procedures for the LGBTQA community be covered by insurance.
  • Ensure proper pronouns and identities are being represented on legal documents.
  • Ensure the LGBTQA youth is not being bulied in the school system, this goes with having more awareness, training, and counselors in schools.
  • Build on the gender neutral restroom law by increasing inclusivity.


Voting Rights


  • Ensure voting ballots are translated into all languages to make sure everyone can vote in a language they understand.
  • Expand early voting hours and locations.
  • Fight proposals that require ID to vote.
  • Fight proposals to reduce mail in voting.