Aaron Bautista For NV State Assembly District 28

EArly Voting is May 28 - June 10

ELection day is june 14th!


Workers Rights & The Economy


As a teacher, I get to meet and interact with many parents of Assembly District 28, many of them are service workers just like my parents, and they often tell me their biggest concern is the rising cost of living.


For Workers

  • I believe the minimum wage should be $15 dollars an hour and everyone who works full time should be able to afford to live. That being said, I know it can even be difficult with $15 an hour to do so, so we will fight for more.
  • I believe in good collective bargaining, prevailing wages, and will fight to ensure workers are being treated fairly and getting paid what they deserve. I want to protect workers from negligent employers and those who look to exploit them.
  • Ensure workers and their families have healthcare, extended FMLA benefits, mental health days, cheap prescription drugs.
  • Give exposure to and increase trade & apprenticeship programs.
  • We can also look at bringing in higher paying jobs.


For Families

  • Rent and home prices have increased so much in the past year or so alone, to where people are being priced out of the market. In California, there is rent control where landlords can’t just jack up rates, something similar can happen here to ensure affordable housing.
  • I believe we can do more to stop evictions, and I will look into connecting landlords & tenants with means for resolutions.
  • We also need to make sure food is accessible and affordable. There are food deserts in the city making it hard for people to get food, and it’s even more difficult when a family doesn’t have a car. On Nellis Boulevard from Washington to Craig there aren’t any grocery stores, just convenient stores, now a family has to spend extra for transportation when they’re already struggling and living in a low-income area.
  • When I worked with HELP of Southern Nevada they had a program that retrofitted elderly poeples older homes to make them more energy efficient and save them money, I'd like to expand on this.
  • Increase social service programs that offer assistance.
  • We have extended term residential facilities where people will go there to get on their feet, but they often charge a lot and will evict when they shouldn’t. People who live there are often struggling, and they get stuck there and, in a hole, because it’s the only place they can go, but it also keeps them struggling because they can’t save. That’s something that can be more regulated.
  • We can look at real estate and predatory investors buying property and flipping homes for profit and causing home prices to rise.
  • We can look at the price gouging laws to make sure consumers are paying fair prices saving families money.


For the Economy

  • I'd like to look at increasing manufacturing here in our own state to lower cost on transport.
  • We can strengthen the solar power industry as we are in one of the sunniest states in the country.
  • We can stengthen the film tax incentive. With our proximity to Hollywood, there’s no reason we should be passed on for filming locations. In the past years New Mexico and Georgia, have grown their economies using tax incentives to lure big budget Hollywood productions.
  • Increase lanes of traffic on the 15 between here in California to increase the amount of trucks, with more trucks making more trips, this would bring down cost, and at the same time it allows for a smoother travel experience to Las Vegas increasing tourist money.
  • We can increase revenue to our state by making it more attractive to businesses, this would increase jobs and tax revenue the businesses bring in. These businesses can even bring in more tourist and residents to our great state. 
  • We can lower the rent cost for new business owners, create tax breaks, and strengthen the small business administration to help those who want to become entrepreneurs, and assist with connecting them to Chambers of Commerce’s.
  • We can ensure new business owners know how to get loans and grants


In the wake of the pandemic, fighting for workers hits close to home for me, so here's a story. Growing up, like many in Assembly District 28, my parents are immigrants and work in the hospitality industry. I remember going to strikes and rallys with them to suport the Culinary Union, which they were members of. My dad, a waiter, was a member for over 20 years, and my mom, a housekeeper wasa member for over 30 years. I've watched them fight for workers’ rights to unionize with passion, and the union made sure they were taken care of by their employers. Eventually, with my mom recieving union benefits, my dad eventually left his waiter job on the strip, to work at a hotel & casino off the strip becasue it was closer to home, and they matched his pay, and there has always been talks of unionizing, so he figured why not since they'd eventually be union anyways? He still went to rallys with my mom and supported the union and everything was great. Fast forward to 2011, when my mom suddenly passed. It was then, everything they fought for came into play. Without the benefits the Culinary Union fought for, the medical bills would have been insurmountable for us to pay. Within a decade of retirement, and talks of unionizing persisting, my dad stayed at his job not wanting to lose seniority. Fast forward to 2020, a year before he was to reach his full retirement age, covid hit and he was laid off. He took another job for the time being, and when his employer opened back up, he thought he'd have his spot back and again talks of unionizing appeared. Instead, he was made to reapply, and given a job that wasn’t his own, he lost his seniority, the shift he worked, and was only getting paid a fraction of what he was getting paid before. After working 8am-4pm since he started there, and over 20 years of loyalty, he's now working graveyard, struggling, and older. When I speak to him, I see the pain in his tired eyes. From being a farmworker at the age of 14, to working at the near age of 70, he doesn’t deserve this, nor does anyone else. He still has hope they unionize and hopes for the Culinary Union to be successful. As a former member of the CCEA teachers’ union, and someone who’s benefited from the SAG Actors Union myself, I know the importance of unions, so for my dad, and for the people in my community, I fight.